The Holistic Truth

Everyone notable is espousing the merits of a newly chosen holistic approach to life, health, and beauty that promotes inner and outward harmony. 

Most, one assumes, are simply hopping on the PR bandwagon in order to appear more fascinating, "spiritual," and wealthy! 

As previously said, nothing prevents anybody from incorporating the insights or practices of other traditions as long as they are done in a way that does not diminish the spiritual worth or compromise religious/spiritual purity. 

However, whenever substantial expenses are associated with spiritual activity, we must maintain a significant degree of skepticism. Is it possible for such actions to make individuals more spiritual?

In a nutshell, the answer is no. 

To begin, we must recognize that studying these techniques is not immoral, but that they are just self-centered physical exercises. 

They aren't spiritual or religious in any way. Most are offshoots of many Eastern forms of mysticism, and if they lead to a healthier, calmer outlook, they should not be dismissed. 

However, no matter how many Qabalah parties we attend, we will not be able to develop the spiritual half of our nature unless we engage in long-term mental training and discipline. 

We know how to do a simple chakra exercise, meditation, aromatherapy, and relaxation methods, but they are just a small portion of the discipline necessary to discover our spiritual nature. 

We could even realize that we have a special skill for one of them, which motivates us to help others, but without the private, inner discipline and dedication, we shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking it's part of our spiritual search. 

Be truthful to yourself and write down your responses in your journal: 

What do you hope to get out of any changes? 

What do you believe the outcome of your adventure will be? 

Why do you feel compelled to make a change? 

When did you make the decision to change things? 

What strategy will you use to complete your mission? 

Our holistic approach to assisting you on your path ensures that you do not seek to construct a spiritual illusion on shaky ground. 

You'll be wallpapering over the cracks until you know why you need to look into different options in the first place. 

All of the questions we've asked and the answers you've given should have provided a clear picture of the underlying issues that are causing your discontent with your current situation. It's time to start distinguishing between spiritual hunger and religious commitment.

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