The Goats From The Sheep? Mammal...

Although spiritual counseling or teaching from a friendly priest or mentor may be extremely valuable, it is an unavoidable truth that all faiths have bad priests. 

If you and your priest are at odds because you or a member of your family have broken the rules, you must honestly assess whether the fault lies with the priest or with yourself. 

It doesn't make him a terrible or terrible priest just because he won't give in to your begs or pleadings. If, on the other hand, he dismisses your request without explanation or discussion, you are free to take your ‘custom' elsewhere. 

After all, the clergy is just human, and the ego may inflate a person's feeling of self-importance to absurd levels. 

A local wedding was on the verge of being canceled when the female vicar objected to the bride's desire that the words "to obey" remain in the wedding ritual. 

After several weeks of heated fighting, the vicar eventually conceded defeat and went about his business. Bullying and blackmail are frequently associated with the fabric. 

In other words, refusing to accept theology without explanation is considered a sin, and the sinner faces expulsion from the church. 

The worst documented incidents frequently stem from monotheistic fundamentalists who oppose any sort of democracy, religious tolerance, free speech, or separation of church and state. 

Fundamentalism, on the other hand, is not limited to the ‘big three' (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam); it may even be found in the more passive Eastern faiths of Buddhism and Hinduism. 

Members of the group are barred from mixing with ‘outsiders,' whom they see as inferior and/or dirty. In this case, anyone seeking to quit the group will be more afraid of the priesthood than of God's wrath.

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