Soul Studies And Guides

People have come to assume that the priesthood is nothing more than a self-proclaimed channel via which they are supposed to speak with deity through time. 

It's also true that several priests from numerous global faiths and traditions have advocated for this position. They've done very little to dispel myths and even less to inspire people to explore their spirituality inside the faith. 

At the absolute least, a ‘good' priest or priestess - one who is skilled in their duty – is a sheet of paper on which we sketch down how we wish to approach our deity. 

This isn't to say that the priesthood makes decisions for us or tells us what we can and can't do. Rather, they provide a mirror or sounding board for us to view our own mental processes and behavior via their talents and questions. We know what we're attempting to express as people, yet what we say may not be what others hear. 

A priest should be a "debating or study companion," or if you choose, a "co-counsellor." 

They and we are both studying and investigating the subject of'soul studies,' and though they may express their knowledge of the issue at that time (based on their own and second-hand knowledge of other people's experiences), it is not within their capacity to provide an answer. 

There isn't always a single, constant response to a question. 

We can only give each other "an" answer at most, which may be enough till we can go deeper into the spiritual worlds. A skilled priest will not avoid difficult questions with clichés like "It's God's will," "You don't need to question, just believe," or any of the other evasions. 

If they do, it shows that they are spiritually immature. 

A good priest will acknowledge to their own ignorance, doubts, and even loss of faith — as well as how they re-found it. 

Failures, not achievements, the tools we used to find our path, the mistakes we made, and what we gained from them are the most significant gifts we can give to each other.

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