Hinduism - What Are The Brahma Sutras?

The Brahma Sutras are a collection of Hindu scriptures.

Badarayana's Vedanta Sutras, which date from the third to the fifth centuries B.C.E., are known by this name. 

The philosophical system known as Vedanta is founded on this collection of 555 short aphorisms (sutras), which purports to disclose the ultimate meaning of the religious texts known as the Vedas. 

They are called Brahma Sutras because they seek to synthesize and organize the philosophic and theological concepts found in the Upanishads, especially those concerning the Ultimate Reality known as Brahman. 

Because the sutras are so short, they need commentary, the most renowned of which is the Brahmasutra Bhashya, authored by the philosopher Shankaracharya.