To Forgive is to Let Go: To Forgive is to Create a New Begining

To Forgive is to Let Go: To Forgive is to Create a New Beginning
To forgive is to let go, it is to transcend, to show endless mercy, to deliberately enter a realm of higher consciousness. To forget is to ignore, to deny, to deliberately enter a realm of lower consciousness, darkness and ignorance. To err is human but to forgive is divine.' 

Presumably, though, we define the divine as an entity that cannot make a mistake. No wonder it can afford to be so forgiving. We humans, though, can make mistakes, and do. But we can also forgive ourselves and others too. We can make mistakes, we can forgive the mistakes, we can even decide that it was a mistake to make the mistake, or a mistake to forgive it, and then we can forgive that instead! There is no end to it once you start. Confusing? Experience the joy of Letting Go, the grace in letting it slide, there is nothing beyond it, nothing can make it too hard to forgive, the strength you need is always within us, it marks the very heights and magnificence of your Love. Find it within you to forgive and you will fully appreciate the many opportunities that come your way. The more forgiving you do today, the happier you'll feel.