Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Positive Affirmation !

Don´t let any negative influences surround your Soul. You are the most beautiful creation of God, You are unique and You have a beautiful light inside your heart that He gave you for you to let it shine bright. 

It is time to connect your Soul to Him, Feel His presence , Feel his Love for You. He loves you with All his Heart And All He wants in your life is for you to BE Happy and feel Love. He gave You this Life so you can experience every magical living being and thing here, their hearts, the colors of nature. Let Your Soul experience the Magic of Living in peace with everything in this Beautiful Paradise call Earth, Everyday is a new day to experience all the magic that He gives you, Open your Heart and receive His Blessings, Breath the pure air of LOVE He gives you, You Are a Beautiful shiny Soul, You ARE Love.
Blessings, Happy vibes and Much Love

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