Becoming the Change We Seek

The Flux of Life is Ever Changing. 
Change is just as inevitable as it is predictable. Change is led by the build up of energy and emotions that galvanize our thoughts and hearts unhindered.

Becoming Change

It is something that can not be resisted. You can not dam it up hoping that its potential will ever cease to continue building up. The more you resist change the greater its intent to make an entry into every aspect of your existence. Find peace and strive for harmonious change. Respect it as a necessary element that seeks to find its place with in your being. Like all things that hope to evolve we must cast aside the old and risk the unfamiliar.

  Life is always changing and Sometimes It could be that We are afraid of new changes presenting to Us in our Life, Leaving your fears behind is the first step to start to feel better. Sometimes those changes are for the best. Feel yourself with courage and Love and think positive thoughts about the situation, there is no point in having anxiety if We don´t know what great new things can bring to our Life. Have faith that everything is for the best. Your life is guided and things happens for a reason.

Blessings and Positive courageous happy vibes

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan