Becoming the Co-creators of Opportunity

There can be times in life, when we tend to miss beautiful and great opportunities because we have become accustomed to certain habits and patterns that serve as mental blocks or we have learnt and co-created fears along the way and are afraid of experiencing something new and different.

These are often new Experiences that are out of or bordering our comfort zones and levels of confidence to successfully avert, own, carry and manage risks. Perhaps we are afraid of being hurt and we tend to hide our real feelings and even more so our real longings in the process. Be strong, not everything is lost. Believe that exploration is a very real, vital, rewarding and necessary aspect and pre condition to Life. Keep your heart filled with Hope, be positive that the Universe will provide you with more opportunities to experience Love and Success in all that you do or undertake, provided that you are bold, affirmative and courageous in the face of fears, doubts, obstacles and complacency. You must internalize the process of becoming one with the universe in conspiring to create and embrace the opportunities that will help you progress and evolve. From the simplest of ruts that you can get into, to the most complicated and daunting challenges that you may face, these principles of syncing, working and sharing with the universe with hope, joy, confidence, trust, experimentation and aspiration can never fail. Trust in yourself and Trust in the Truth that the Universe has immense tangible and intangible rewards in store for those who seek a more fuller, beautiful, expressive and meaningful experience through life. Life is full of Opportunities, so contagious is nature with all her habits that you would soon be turned into an enabling, living, thinking, walking and talking fertile bed of opportunities for the people, places and processes that surround you. This is well within the grasp of your human faculties, it is not just a way of thinking or an attitude or lifestyle but rather a very natural expectation that nature has of all her children. Be fruitful, be happy, accepting and joyful in searching, seeking and actively engaging and participating in the natural life processes that urge you to answer the knock when you hear it or sense it. You just have to unblock the door to your heart and mind to experience a beautiful and magical Life that is filled with bright colorful, creative, evolving and happy energies.

The universe provides Us with everything we need to grow, mature within and experience a Happy Life, but it is up to Us to learn how to grab these opportunities and make them a part of our experience on Earth. Keep yourself centered in meditation, positive thoughts and surround yourself with happy energy and positive people, the more we practice this, the more we will find ourselves fulfilled with a Gorgeous Life that is filled with an abundance of opportunities for us and our fellow beings.

Blessings, Love and Light
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan