Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding the Beauty in Life

Finding the Beauty in Life
Seek, admire and always look for the beauty in life. Stop thinking that life is hard and not worthy, Just look around you for the world is filled with inspiration. Look for the happy faces, for the gorgeous colors of nature, look inside your Heart, towards the joy in all life. 

In every single breathe and every passing beat you will find filled to the brim an infinite wisdom and a wholesome realization. Every heartbeat is immensely powerful; it is the strength and the intelligence that keeps the meaning and the pulse that is your Soul Alive in this place in time. You are here, so beautiful, alive and well because you were born to discover how to Love Yourself in all your aspects both good and bad, and everything you do and every person you meet is a perfect reflection of these colorful shades that you find deep within you and the recesses of your experiences in Life. There is a subtle yet all pervading intelligence that lay in the beauty that is you and the pages of your life, both the hard and the hearty. Live to admire the beauty within and without, your LOVE for it will make your world go round. Admire this beauty and be full with the bounty that is Love, talking to you through it. Be beautiful, Be LOVE, Share Love and embrace its joy.
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

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