We are the Light: The Voice of your Higher Self

The Voice of your Higher Self

Listen to the voice of your Higher-self. If you can learn to become more in-tune with the voice of your soul, you will become more in-tune with your surroundings and nature. You will find a better understanding of the Universe.

Meditate often, take the time to sit in silence, listen and take notice of your thoughts. Sometimes we don't realize it, but many times, our thoughts speak truth and wisdom, as do our dreams. Listen to that voice that tells you right from wrong - THAT is the voice of your Higher-self. Recognize it. and always pay attention to it.
Sometimes we feel confused as to what our spiritual path should be, or are we on the right one? My friends, your Higher-self/God/The Source, will ALWAYS lead you in the right direction, it's your responsibility to listen and follow. Always remember - if in doubt, follow your heart, because Love is ALWAYS the right direction! :)


Wishing you all a wonderful day filled with many Blessings