Inhale, Love is in the Air

The moon is shining. Love is in the air. The moon loves us. It reflects the light of the sun, the powerful messenger of Life for everything on this planet. 

The sun loves us. The air loves us. Take a deep breath right now… a deep conscious breath. The air that you breathe in loves you. It gives and sustains your very Life itself. 

That is love, a powerful act in itself. Breathe again. Deeply and gently and receive the gift of love.

The moon and sun and air don’t demand anything from you in order to love you and give you the gift of Life. There are no bargains needed, no commitments to make, and no obligations created when you accept that love. It is freely given, and, I assume, freely received.

Take this love you receive from creation into all your relationships. Give it as freely as it has been given to you. It doesn’t even matter how it is received. The air doesn’t care if you are grateful for its love—it gives because that is its nature. Perhaps your nature is the same as the air’s—after all, you and the air and the sun and moon are all parts of the same creation.

Take a deep breath.

And love.