Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When we recognize our Divine Nature we are in Paradise, when we deny it we fall in hell. During the Ascension path we meet our Divine Nature, so we start feeling a deep joy in our hearts and every single cell of our BODY vibrates in the Pure Love.

Because of the higher light we embody, the darkness (even the smallest grain within us) wakes up.
THE MORE we assert our true nature, the MORE the illusion (the ego) puts us to the test - projecting and intensifying all our fears on the screen of our life - like in a game of Chinese shadows. So we are called with more force and determination to assert who we are; and every time that we believe the fear and illusion, we fall in a hell of suffering and denial. For every summit of Love and knowledge we touch, there is an abyss of denial waiting for us: until we definitively stop to believe to illusion and duality.
And, at this point of our Ascension, every denial of our own Divine Nature becomes painful and unbearable.
The ONENESS doesn't admit any separation, any judgement, any fear, any darkness: only a HEAVEN OF PURE LOVE.

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