Time is Eternity for those who Love

Time is eternity for those who Love
“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” — Zig Ziglar 

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice; but for those who love, time is eternity." ~ Henry Van Dyke

I would rather take risks and run free in the wonderland of my heart than sit comfortably in the prison of my mind. How we make the most of the ‘Now’ that we live in all depends crucially on how we relate to Time. Apart from the hours and the minutes and the seconds that fill our day, time has many more beautiful aspects, attributes and qualities that you can in your many senses learn to adapt to, and fully appreciate. Don’t let the lessons of the past haunt you or the anxieties and expectations of the future worry you, and in all of this neither should you ever succumb to reacting nor responding your way through life, to the taunts and pressures of our modern lifestyle and society that may endlessly taunt you. Be more in tune with the present, stay meditated, centered and balanced in your equipoise and endless respect for your present moment in time. 

Exercise patience along with a clear and focused concentration. Let time be a supporting foundation and corner stone to the firm pillar that you and your life were always meant to be. You have time and you will have plenty of it. Don’t loose heart to the disappointments and failures of your past nor should you succumb to living in an empty and irrelevant fantasy, rather stay true to passionately and persistently working towards your dreams by living your present moment grounded to the real and fruitful blessing that it is capable of being. 

Learn to admire the present moment for what it is and all that it is worth, it is glorious as it is, regardless of the past or the future. This way you will learn to define your very own natural calendar that custom fits the phases and needs of your life. Yes sunrise to sunset is natural and good enough; debunk all the other social standards and artificial pressures to conform that mean very little to you and your goals. Time is beautifully relative, so speed up and slow down, set your pace whatever suits you best, and feel free to question the rest.
Sometimes worrying takes part of our life and we can find ourselves stuck in the same thought over and over again. Don’t let any worries take control of your mind. Worrying gives you anxiety. And if you are anxious, you are not enjoying the present, live in the NOW! The past is gone and the future is uncertain, it is time to live the present as it is a gift. Live it with a happy positive loving attitude. Let your worries and fears behind and Trust in God. He knows where your life is going. Embrace yourself in his arms and in his Love, All He wants you is to live your life happy.

Love & Live In The Moment: This Moment won't last but don't let it pass.
Don’t let any negative influences surround your Soul. You are the most beautiful creation of God, You are unique and you have a beautiful light inside your heart that He gave you, for you to let it shine bright. It is time to connect your Soul to Him, Feel His presence, and Feel his Love for You. He loves you with All his Heart and All He wants in your life is for you to Be Happy and feel  Love. He gave you this Life so you can experience every magical living being and thing here, their hearts, the colors of nature. Let Your Soul experience the Magic of Living in peace with everything in this Beautiful Paradise call Earth, Everyday is a new day to experience all the magic that He gives you, Open your Heart and receive His Blessings, Breath the pure air of LOVE He gives you, You Are a Beautiful shiny Soul, You ARE Love
Blessings, Happy vibes and Much Love
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan