The three Bandhas can now be practiced by the Yogic practitioner. Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, and Jalandhara Bandha are the three Bandhas.

Mula Bandha: The sphincter muscles of the anus push up apana (breath) that has a downward tendency. This procedure is known as Mula Bandha.

As Apana is elevated to the sphere of Agni (fire), the Agni flame grows long and is blown around by Vayu.

Then Agni and Apana mix with the Prana in a heated state. This Agni has a lot of heat. The fire that appears in the body as a result of this reawakens the sleeping Kundalini through its flame.

The Kundalini then makes a hissing sound. It stands up like a snake battered with a stick and joins the Sushumna or Brahmanadi hole. As a result, Yogins can practice Mulabandha on a regular basis.

The Uddiyana Bandha should be done at the close of the Kumbhaka and at the start of expiration. The Yogins name it Uddiyana because Prana Uddiyate, or the Prana ascends the Sushumna in this Bandha.

Take a seat in Vajrasana. Keep the two toes squarely in both palms. Then apply pressure to the Kanda and the area between the two ankles. Then, on the western side, steadily up bear the Tana, or cord, or Nadi, first to Udara, or the upper part of the abdomen above the navel, then to the middle, and finally to the throat. As Prana meets the Sandhi, or navel junction, it gently cleanses the navel of impurities and diseases. As a result, this can be done on a regular basis.

The Jalandhara Bandha should be performed at the conclusion of Puraka (after inhalation).

This is a kind of neck contraction that obstructs Vayu's passage (upwards).

The Prana passes via Brahmanadi in the middle of the western Tana, where the neck is immediately contracted by bending downwards until the chin touches the breast. Assuming the previous pose, the Yogi should trigger Sarasvati and maintain power over Prana.


Kumbhaka should be practiced four times on the first day.

In the second day, repeat ten times, and then five times separately.

On the third day, twenty repetitions will suffice. Following that, Kumbhaka should be practiced with the three Bandhas five times a day.