The seven causes of disease in the body are mentioned below. The first is sleeping through the day, the second is keeping late vigils overnight, the third is doing so much sexual contact, and the fourth is running around crowds. The consequence of unwholesome food is the fifth source. The sixth step is to examine the urine and feces discharge. The seventh is Prana's difficult mental process.

When confronted with those diseases, the Yogi who is fearful of them says, "My diseases are the product of my Yoga activities." After that, he will stop doing it. This is the first stumbling block to Yoga.

The second impediment to Yoga practice is skepticism about its effectiveness.

The third impediment is carelessness or a state of perplexity.

The fourth is laziness or ignorance.

The fifth impediment to Yoga practice is a lack of sleep.

The sixth is the failure to leave the objects of one's senses, and the seventh is mistaken vision or illusion.

The eighth is concerned with earthly relations or sensual things. The ninth reason is a lack of confidence.

The tenth is a lack of aptitude for grasping Yoga's realities.

These ten stumbling blocks should be avoided by a wise Yoga practitioner by careful investigation and deliberation.

Pranayama should be practiced on a regular basis with the mind set on the Facts. The mind then finds solace in the Sushumna. As a result, the Prana does not pass.

One becomes a pure Yogin when the impurities of the mind are eliminated and Prana is engulfed in the Sushumna.

When the accumulated impurity clogging the Sushumna Nadi is fully eliminated and the flow of essential air through the Sushumna is restored by Kevala Kumbhaka, the Yogin forcefully induces the Apana with the downward path to climb upwards by contracting the anus (Mula Bandha).

As a result of being raised, the Apana joins Agni. They then easily ascend to Prana's seat.

Then, as Prana and Apana unite, they travel to Kundalini, which is coiled and sleeping.

Kundalini spreads its body in the interior of the Sushumna's mouth, heated by Agni and agitated by Vayu.