Prana is the totality of all manifested energies in the universe. Sukshma, it's the life force. Prana manifests itself externally as breath. You can regulate the subtle Prana within by exercising control over this gross breath. Controlling Prana often involves controlling the mind. Without Prana, the mind will be unable to function. It is the Sukshma Prana that is closely linked to the mind. Prana is the totality of all unconscious powers that exist in men and in the world around us. Prana manifests itself as heat, light, electricity, and magnetism. Prana is linked to the mind, which leads to the heart, which leads to the human spirit, which leads to the Supreme Being.

The heart is the seat of Prana. Prana is one, but it has many purposes. As a result, it goes by five names: Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana, and Vyana, depending on the roles it conducts. They inhabit various parts of the body depending on the tasks they do.

Breath that is guided by thinking and regulated by the will is a vitalizing, regenerated energy that can be used intentionally for self-development, curing many incurable diseases, and a variety of other uses. Hatha Yogins believe that Prana Tattva (life force) is superior to Manas Tattva (mind), since Prana is present even while the mind is asleep. As a result, Prana is more important than the mind.

You would know the trick of subjugating the eternal Prana if you can regulate the small waves of Prana that work through your mind. Since he has control over all embodiments of force in the Universe, the Yogin who becomes an authority in the knowledge of this secret would have no fear of any power. What is widely referred to as "personality strength" is simply a person's innate ability to use his Prana. Some people are more prominent, interesting, and strong in life than others. It's all done by Prana, which the Yogin commands deliberately through his will.

After learning everything there is to know about the Nadis seat and the Vayus and their purposes, the purification of Nadis should be the first step. A human who is Yama-possessed.

Niyama should go to a secluded place for Yoga Abhyasa, avoiding all business, having completed his course of study, delighting in Truth and values, having overcome his rage, being engaged in the service of his spiritual master and well-informed in all religious traditions.

Purification of the Nadis (Nadi Suddhi) is an essential aspect of Yoga in its early stages. The ascension of Kundalini in the Sushumna is severely slowed if the Nadis are clogged with impurities.

The ascension of Kundalini is aided by the purity of the Nadis. Pranayama allows the Nadis to be cleansed quickly. Yoga's foundation is Nadi Suddhi. Yoga is built on this basis. It is the first step in the Yoga process.

You can control the subtle, psychic Prana by restraining the breath, just as you can control all the other wheels of the factory if you can avoid the vital fly-wheel of the engine. Pranayama is recommended for monitoring Prana for this purpose.

Prana is the mind's outer layer. Since Prana, Veerya, and mind are all under one Sambandha, if you can control Prana, you can also control mind and Veerya. Breath can quit on its own if you can calm your thoughts. Prana becomes more manageable. In the same way as you have a nervous system in your real body, you even have a nervous system in your astral body. The Sthula Prana is the human body's nervous system. The Sukshma Prana is the astral body's nervous system.

These two Pranas are connected in a very close way. These two Pranas interact with one another.

You can effectively regulate all of the body's activities by regulating the process of breathing. The body, mind, and soul can all be easily and quickly controlled and created. The results of Prana regulation include psychic cures, telepathy, television, thought-reading, and other Siddhis. Pranayama is the method of controlling Prana by the manipulation of breath.

You will deliberately harmonize the universal moral life with the celestial life by using Pranayama to regulate the situations and character.

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