Reiki - Why Worry About the Energy Field?

You should be mindful that your particular energy field has a significant effect on your overall well-being. Most people are mindful of the importance of personal grooming. 

You should be aware that when you use your physical body, it gets contaminated and can suck up viruses and bacteria that can cause disease. 

Your physical health, as well as your sense of well-being, will suffer if you neglect your body.

Have you ever had the feeling that your subconscious is "bad" because your body is still dirty? 

This is due to the fact that everything you do is linked to electricity, which ensures that every aspect of your life has an energy dimension. The visible dirt is just a small part of the larger problem. 

Every portion of the body is made up of a variety of energy frequencies, the most of which are invisible to the naked eye. However, you should be aware that the electromagnetic field is often affected by invisible energy frequencies.

The big issue we face is that we have grown up in a world that does not recognize the importance of invisible forces in our lives. We just learn about the energies that we can see in school and how they influence our lives; we don't learn about the energies that we can't see.

You must examine the five levels of the human energy fields in order to comprehend how it all works. 

It is true that you must keep all five layers of body energy clean in order to maintain complete body hygiene. When you understand the various fields, you will be able to recognize that the symptoms of the body that you believe are due to physical factors can may be due to an energy deficiency.

You don't have to focus on a certain aspect of the body; instead, you can consider all of the layers before drawing any conclusions. 

If you want to handle the proper healing of the body, you must focus on all of the layers of the body.

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