Reiki Hand Positions for Every Body Region


The Head Start is at the very peak of the mountain, or at the very top of the mountain. If the patient has headaches, colds, asthma, toothaches, earaches, or other symptoms, this is the place to start in. If the individual is stressed, this is also where you can focus your efforts. It can aid in the restoration of body harmony. The location of the hands on the head is more critical than anything else.

Hold your hands over the recipient's closed eyes in the eyes and face.

Maintain a firm grip on both sides of the nose. Your fingertips should be resting on the cheekbone. Over the third eye, position your thumbs together. To shield your eyes, you can also use a tissue.

Hold your hands around this area at the top of your head. Both wrists should be touching, and each hand's fingertips should be pointed down towards the respective ears. If you like, hover over their crown and hold your hands away from their hair. To ensure that the crown chakra is open, keep your hands here for a bit.

Keep your palms to either side of the forehead at the temples. Your palms should be placed between their hairline and brows, with your fingertips gently rubbing on their cheekbones. This hand posture can aid in brain balance as well as spiritual connectivity.

Keep your hands over each ear at all times. It will assist in the relaxation of the mind as well as the treatment of an ear infection.

You should shift your hands behind their heads behind them. When you put your hands one by one on the opposing side of the person's head, roll their head on the opposite side.

When keeping the medulla oblongata area, the fingertips can only brush at the top of their skull.

The Body's Front

Let's have a look at the front of the body now. The throat and spine, which serve as a transition between your head and upper body, are included.

At the throat, softly cup the bottom of their throat with your fingertips, allowing the tips of your fingers to touch. Keep your hands around the neck but don't touch it. For Reiki, this hand posture will assist you in treating thyroid and parathyroid problems. The larynx, vocal chords, and lymph nodes will all be treated with it. Bear in mind that certain patients can not feel relaxed with your hands around their throats, so keep your hands a little farther apart to make room for them.

Have the hands resting on either side of the neck at the collarbone, fingertips pointed towards the center of the chest. With this hand role, you may send Reiki to the thymus field. It has a major impact on immunity.

A separate location exists at the back of the neck or in front of the heart.

Place your left hand under your neck and your right hand over the top of your core. This hand location simultaneously restores the heart and throat chakras.

Hold your hands in a “T” place at your heart. One hand should be horizontally over the patient's breast, while the other should be in the space between the breasts. The heart chakra will benefit from this role. This hand position is needed for any problems with the circulatory system, lungs, or thymus gland.

With Reiki, you will be able to enhance the supply of love energies.

Hold your hands straight under your chest in the upper abdominal section.

When doing Reiki on the spleen or any of the digestive organs, use this hand pose. The solar plexus chakra will also be handled.

Keep your hands a little lower in the middle abdomen than in the previous position under the chest. The one side should be above the navel and the other below it. This hand position is needed for illnesses of the pancreas, intestines, and gallbladder.

Hold your hands on the lower belly in the sacral and lower abdominal regions. Both hands should be in front of the other. Just sure your hands aren't touching your genitals. With this hand place, the sacral chakra is restored. It may also be used to treat the pelvic area, the bowel, and other fertility problems.

Body's Backside

The back of the body is the focus of the next set of hand positions. For this, the receiver would turn over. Give them some time and gently urge them to shift places while they are in a deep state of sleep. This role facilitates access to certain chakras in the body and aids in the treatment of back problems.

Hold your hands under their collar and on top of each shoulder at the upper shoulders. It can aid in the relief of pain in this area as well as the treatment of the throat chakra.

Shift your hands a few inches down to the shoulder blades and leave them resting on top of them. Use this place to cure the heart chakra or other problems with the recipient's lungs or heart.

Place your hands around your waist. It may be used to heal the solar plexus chakra, the liver, and the adrenal gland.

Keep your hands on the hollow of their back, above the buttocks, in the lower back area. This location is good for relaxing lower back pain and treating the sacral chakra.

Feet and Legs

Finally, there are the leg and foot positions. There were no common roles for this area at first. If the individual is already lying on their front with their back to you, you will continue to handle these areas. Depending on which position is more convenient for you, you may either sit near their feet or stand.

Using your hands to hold your elbows on either side. You should use both hands to cup the knee on both sides to treat people with knee pain or injuries.

Hold one hand on each ankle when handling them. This hand posture aids in the energy balance of both thighs.

Place each hand squarely on the back of each foot for the soles of the feet.

This hand posture will help to ground you and get your body into equilibrium.

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