Reiki Hand Positions for Physical Healing


The Eyes and Vision

Reiki should be used to cure any eye problems, such as cataracts or glaucoma. Take a paper napkin and place it over your eyes. Moving your fingertips over the eyes and then to the side of the head is a good way to start. Then, with your thumbs, pass them to the back of your head.

Some patients will only need a few sessions to recover from their illness, and others may need months. It is recommended that you do this for at least fifteen minutes per day to see progress.

Nose or Sense of Smell

Here's how to apply Reiki to the area around your nose.

Cover the nose with a cloth napkin while keeping the nostrils open.

Move the hands over the cheeks, then the cheekbones, then the forehead, and finally the top of the head.

Sense of hearing

Place your hands on your ears and close your eyes. In each ear, place a finger. Place your hand behind the patient's ear and shift them to the left. After flipping them on the other eye, repeat the process on the other ear. When dealing with ear problems, the solar plexus, as well as the throat area, should be repaired. After the session, the ears should be cleaned and the eyes should be washed.


Reiki may also be used to restore and strengthen the voice box. Place your hand where the neck meets the shoulder and practice healing all over the throat.

Gums and teeth

Place your hand on both jaws and pass it around until it covers both of the teeth. As the healing process progresses, the gums can also tighten. This usually takes care of any issues with the lips or tongue.


The kidney and the solar plexus must be repaired. Use your hands to heal the goiter at the base of the skull. Digestion must be strengthened, and the heart must be handled as well.

Polyps and Warts

As you use Reiki, place your hands on warts or polyps. They can break and slip off from the roots over time. When polyps are removed externally, the roots persist and recur. Reiki therapy aids in the uprooting and elimination process.

Migraines and headaches

Migraine headaches are often caused by poor diet. This is why you must first repair your kidneys and stomach. Pay attention to the top, bottom, and sides of the head, as well as the throat.

Hair Loss and Balding

Along with Reiki, a proper diet is needed to treat this condition.


Place your hands at the point where the throat meets the shoulders at the root of the throat. Then work your way down the underside of the jaws, to the cheeks, and finally to the nose. 

If you're a woman, you should focus on ovaries healing, and if you're a man, you should focus on prostate healing.

You should be familiar with the hand configurations used for doing Reiki on any part of the recipient's body by now. There are a few more Reiki roles you can master as well. 

Remember to honor the recipient's limits. If they get unhappy in some place, change it right away. At no point should you try to force them. 

Keep your hands hovering over vulnerable areas like the groin or breasts, and aim to prevent any physical touch. Reiki should be done without contacting the body at all times, but follow all ethical guidelines.

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