What ailments does Reiki cure?

Reiki is effective in treating a wide range of harmful symptoms and illnesses. Minor physical conditions like bee stings, stomach aches, fever, and colds, as well as significant physical conditions like cancer, heart disease, and leukemia, are among them. Reiki can also help with anxiety and stress, as well as other physical and behavioral issues.

Reiki can also help to mitigate or remove the harmful effects of conventional psychiatric therapies, such as post-operative exhaustion and pain, as well as chemotherapy side effects. It will also speed up the recovery process and shorten the time spent in the hospital.

Reiki has proven to be beneficial in a variety of situations. In reality, several people who have received Reiki therapy have reported full recovery, which has been verified by medical testing taken before and after the treatment.

Reiki has the potential to work magic with certain clients, but this cannot be guaranteed. The real hope of a Reiki therapy is stress relief as well as change of a person's psychological and physical state.

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