Hinduism - Where Is The Braj Region In India?


The Yamuna River runs across northern India, just south of the modern city of Delhi. Braj, according to Hindu mythology, is the region where the deity Krishna resided during his earthly life. 

The Braj region has no well defined borders, and it has never been used to refer to an established administrative entity. 

Instead, popular piety has come to define it. 

Krishna's devotees (bhakta) place a high value on visualizing his exploits as a means of achieving communion with him, and as a result, locations throughout the Braj region are linked to specific incidents in Krishna's life. 

The region's southern and eastern borders are now little over five miles southeast of Mathura, but the region's northern and western limits are almost five times that distance. 

A. W. Entwistle's Braj, 1987, has a wealth of information about Braj and its culture.

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