Friday, October 14, 2011

A Loving Hand Reaches Out

A Loving Hand Reaches Out

Every time you find yourself stuck in a problem, sadness, depression or in darkness, Remember that no matter how big the sorrow is, God will Always be there for you even that you cannot see Him, He sees you, He knows your pain, When You think no one understands your pain, He does.

He captures every tear falling from your cheeks, He is hugging you with His Lovely arms sending You peace and Love to Your Heart, He wants to Be close to You, He wants to comfort You. God care for Us in our griefs and we often find God has taught us valuable lessons from our pain. However, God has built grief into us as a normal emotion, and we need to allow ourselves to feel it and work through it. God cares about our pain. He knows everything, including our emotions, but He wants to hear from us. He wants to connect with You through the light of Your Heart . He wants to experience His Love and work on it so you can shine again tomorrow. Don't give Up, Hold on there.
Blessings, Much Love and Light to all your Hearts

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