When the body's energy is depleted, no rigid Sadhana can be performed. Yoga Abhyasa is best practiced in youth. 

This is the first and most important requirement of a Sadhaka: vigour and stamina. 

A qualified person for the practice of Yoga is one who has a peaceful mind, trusts his Guru's words and the Sastras, eats and sleeps moderately, and has a deep desire to be free of the Samsara-Chakra.

“Ahamkaram balam darpam kamam krodham parigraham; Vimuchya nirmamah santo brahmabhuyayaya kalpate”

- Having set aside egoism, crime, greed, lust, fury, covetousness, he is ready to become ETERNAL.

  1. Many who are addicted to sensual pleasures, or who are greedy and smug, hypocritical and untruthful, diplomatic, clever and treacherous, and who disrespect the Guru, Sadhus, and elders, as well as those who take delight in vain disputes and worldly acts, can never succeed in Yogic activities.
  2. All impurities, including Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, and others, should be eradicated. When one has so many impure traits, it is impossible to become pure and fine.
  3. Straightforwardness, service to Guru, the sick, and the elderly, Ahimsa, Brahmacharya, spontaneous kindness, Titiksha, Sama Drishti, Samata, spirit of service, selflessness, tolerance, Mitahara, modesty, sincerity, and other virtues should be developed to a great extent by Sadhakas.
  4. Even if aspirants put in a lot of effort to awaken the Kundalini by Yogic exercises, they would not prosper in any way if they lack these virtues.
  5. Aspirants should open their hearts to their Guru with abandon.
  6. They must be forthright and honest.
  7. They should give up their self-assertive, Rajasic vehemence, pride, and greed, and work with Sraddha and Prem to carry out their master's orders.
  8. For a Sadhaka, constant self-justification is a dangerous habit.
  9. Too much conversation, undue worry, and futile paranoia waste energy.
  10. Gossiping and tall-talking should be avoided at all costs.
  11. A true Sadhaka is a man with few words, direct, and focused solely on spiritual matters. Sadhakas should still be by themselves.
  12. Mouna is a dream come true. For a Sadhaka, mixing with householders is extremely risky.
  13. The company of a householder is far more injurious than the company of a woman since the mind like honey has the ability to mimic that which it likes.