The Bhavana is more significant in this Pranayama than the Puraka, Kumbhaka, and Rechaka ratios.

Face East or North when sitting in Padma or Siddha Asana.

Begin this Pranayama after mentally prostrating to the Sat-lotus guru's feet and reciting Stotras in honor of God and Guru. This Pranayama would quickly lead to Kundalini awakening.

Deeply inhale without making a whistle. When
you inhale, imagine the Kundalini, which has been latent in the Muladhara Chakra, has been reawakened and is ascending from Chakra to Chakra. Have the Bhavana that the Kundalini has entered the Sahasrara at the end of the Puraka. The more vividly you see Chakra after Chakra, the faster you can advance through this Sadhana.

Hold the breath for a few moments. Rep the Pranava or the Ishta Mantra as many times as you can. Focus your attention on the Sahasrara Chakra. Feel the gloom of ignorance that has engulfed your soul being dispelled by Mother Kundalini's Grace. Feel as if light, strength, and wisdom are pervading your whole being.

Now slowly exhale. As you exhale, see how the Kundalini Sakti descends from the Sahasrara and from Chakra to Chakra, eventually reaching the Muladhara Chakra.

Restart the method now.

It is difficult to properly extol this glorious Pranayama. It's a magical wand that allows you to achieve perfection in a short amount of time. Even a few days of experience will persuade you of its incredible brilliance. Start right now, in this very moment.

May God grant you joy, happiness, and eternity.

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