Psychic Empaths ~ A Shamanic Perspective


Shamanism and mysticism are two distinct approaches to spirituality. They each have their own set of ideals, such as empowerment or surrender. What moral needs, wishes, or interests you are trying to satisfy can be determined by whether you are attracted to one or the other.


Let's start by learning about the shamanic viewpoint. The universal unconscious is based on the idea that all of mankind is bound to one another. Feeling inspired is a shamanic way of life. Empaths are drawn to the shamanic path and they can link to something in their environment at any moment. Empaths have the gift of attachment, which helps them to experience a sense of belonging to those around us. Mystic Familiar took part in a worldwide medicine wheel meditation in early May of 2004. There was also a shamanic medicine wheel that stretched 600 miles across the Northwestern United States. The medicine wheel's aim was to aid in the removal of toxic energy from ourselves and others. The aim is to be sensitive in your interactions with others.

Shamanic rituals include healing the world, healing oneself or others, channeling and mediumship, and entering trance for wisdom.

This is done to cure a supernatural being or a bond to a greater force. Blocks, trees, sounds and songs, flowers, spices, and crystals can all be used in this way.

There are several indicators that you may be a shaman, but the following are the top five:

1. The forefathers and mothers were also healers.

2. You have a close bond with the natural world.

3. You don't blend in with the rest of the group.

4. You have the ability to read people.

5. You have a strong sense that you are being called in to assist and cure others.

Your forefathers and mothers were both healers. If all of your ancestors were healers, you might have that ability as well. Any cultures claim that this is a blessing that is handed on from one generation to the next.

You have a close bond with the natural world. Shamans understand that everything is linked to everything else. Nature and humans have a mutually beneficial bond because it nurtures us and we nurture it.

Since we can't live without one another, it's better to cultivate them.

You don't blend in with the rest of the group. Shamans have long been regarded as outcasts or strange people in most cultures. Shamans have special abilities and sensitivities, and as a result, they do not blend into mainstream society. They do serve as a link between the higher dimension and those on this plane, and they are revered for their insight and wisdom. Shamans are focused on empowerment and have a way of guiding their own and others' lives.

You have the ability to "sense" people. When you say you can "sense" people, it means you can tell their personality only by looking them in the eyes. You can also see if they are dealing with a disease or a spiritual problem.

You get the impression that you are being called in to assist and cure others. A shaman despises seeing people suffer. When they do, they feel compelled to help it recover. They want to restore the unity that was lost during the period of misery, and they want all facets of life to be connected in peace. Every shaman's urge to support, heal, and assist others in regaining peace and prosperity in their lives is foremost in his or her mind. They can assist where they can.

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