What Happens at the End of a Reiki Session?

Reiki, unlike most other therapies, does not have a diagnosis, so don't hold your breath for that. Any regular advice may be made to you by practitioners.

Although most people feel refreshed after receiving Reiki, some people report feeling more exhausted than normal later that evening. This does not imply that they have a negative reaction to the treatment; fatigue is a common result of the body's healing process. 

Since receiving Reiki, several people experience a deep sense of relaxation and insight, as well as excellent sleep.

What is the Optimal Session Count?

The person you meet with will suggest that you attend multiple sessions. Four sessions is the standard number. This gives you ample time to assess the incentives you are getting, if any. Take the opportunity to talk about how you can best plan the meetings to get the most out of them depending on your preferences and timetable.

Most people will recommend a sequence of four sessions done in less than a week if you are dealing with a critical illness. It is not required that they be provided by the same practitioner.

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