What is Telepathy?

Have you ever seen a movie in which two people talk solely with their brains, or in which someone reads another person's thoughts in order to learn information? Have you ever thought you had the ability to do anything like that? Telepathy (from the Greek "tele" meaning "far apart" and "patheia" meaning "to be influenced by") is mind-to-mind contact – although, like other forms of psychic abilities, it isn't quite as it's shown in film. Telepathy can, however, be practiced in real life; it's only more subtle. You could have done that without really realizing it – for example, if you've ever been worried about someone or really wanted to hear from them, and then they call or text you out of nowhere with no warning. This is telepathic contact in action. Without realizing it, the two of your minds were talking, prompting the person who called you to call – or maybe it was their choice to call that took them into your head and got you thinking about them. When something like this happen, it's not by chance.

In cases like this, psychic channels are still at work, and everyone has the potential to use telepathy; it's simply an area of our brains that has to be exercised but that most of us neglect or don't believe in due to how we were raised, the culture or religion we were raised in, and so on.

Although you will not be able to have a complete conversation with your BFF using only your minds by using telepathy, you may send each other images, sentences, or emotions. To begin, inform your friend that you want to try telepathically communicating with them. This is particularly critical when you're first starting out because you'll both need to be calm, concentrated, and responsive. To calm your body and mind, consider meditating or deep breathing before. They don't have to be in the same room or space as you; they may be at home or in another city. Close your eyes and try to block out all background noise or noises so you can concentrate solely on your mate. Visualize them vividly in the mind's eye, including their nature, appearance, and physical characteristics. Visualize the expression, picture, or feeling you want to give to them until you've solidified this visualization of them as if they're almost there with you. Render it tangible, vibrant in the mind's eye. Make it the sole subject of your thoughts. Now envision your mate, and imagine telling him or her about this pic.

Consider how they would react if they received your letter. At this phase, they should be responsive and welcoming to your message, and they should be visualizing you in their minds eye. Relax and let your message float to the other person until you've completed this. Allow it to fade from your memory. You should concentrate and calm your energy at this moment. Following up with them during the exercise, ask them what they felt or heard in their mind's eye. Make it clear that they should not push any messages; instead, they should just let their minds wander and keep track of what comes up.

If it doesn't fit right away, don't give up. It will take time and a lot of attempts to get it right. This is only one way to start practicing; regardless of how or with whom you train, remain calm (both physically and mentally) and keep your mind open and attentive to both sending and receiving messages.

To stop getting distracted or snapped out of your concentration by odd sounds, people, or smells, it's critical to be in an atmosphere that is completely relaxed, familiar, and calming to you. When you're first starting out on your telepathy quest and practicing, the safest place to start is in your own house, either in your bedroom or a room that you find especially soothing. Try your backyard or a quiet park somewhere in a natural setting if your house is hectic and chaotic or you just can't relax there. Nature can assist you in grounding and energizing your abilities. It should work as long as it's a place where you can effectively tune out.

The most well recognized feature of telepathy is reading the thoughts of others. Telepathy is harder to practice on strangers, so again first practice with someone you are close with – a willing acquaintance, family member, or partner. When attempting to read their mind, make sure to ask permission.

Mind reading won’t reveal to you a play by play of what they are thinking, but it will give you a vague idea, sense, or maybe a word or image related to what they are thinking about. Again, the same as with telepathic communication, you want to be in a setting that relaxes you. Close your eyes, tune everything out, and focus your energy on the person whose mind you are trying to read. Get the other person to picture something simple like a banana, and really focus on it. Obviously, they can’t tell you what they are thinking.

Once they confirm they have solidified their image, visualize them, try and connect with their energy, and let your mind flow. They do not necessarily have to connect with you or be on the same energy level for this practice because, as opposed to if they were sharing their image with you via telepathic communication, mind reading is more of a one-way street/one-man job. Make a note of all the things that flowed easily – not forced – through your mind and check in with them to see if you got anything right. Say, for instance, you saw the color yellow, or smelled banana bread, or felt disgusted (maybe they hate bananas) (maybe they hate bananas). Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get anything right the first few times you try this.

An additional way to practise with someone you know is to prepare yourself accordingly but then ask them a question out loud. Tell them not to answer it but just think about and process how they feel about it and what they would answer to it. It can’t be a question you know or suspect the answer to. Right after you ask it, they will likely have an immediate reaction and/or thought, so assuming you’re relaxed and your mind is receptive, see what enters your mind immediately after asking the question. Check in with them to see if you accurately picked up on anything.

Once you’ve built up from these exercises and think you are ready for a challenge, try mind reading next time you’re on public transit or in a crowd somewhere. Do this as unobtrusively as you can. If you sense that someone’s energy is really blocking you out and doesn’t want to let anyone in, they want their privacy. Leave them be and try someone else who’s perhaps more receptive. One common thing mind readers pick up on when reading minds are people’s emotions. It’s probably the easiest thing to access using telepathy, and you’ve probably read people’s emotions telepathically before without even knowing it. It’s important to distinguish body language and facial cues giving you information on someone, and telepathy providing that information. To remain unbiased and make sure telepathy is your only source of information, try to focus on someone’s energy rather than looking at them/their appearance. You may focus on someone, trying to pick something up from them and feel a rush of worry wash over you. You may even pick up the reason why they are worried, though perhaps in a vague sense, and it may take more experience to get this specific.

In a way, mind reading is similar to psychometry. You are trying to pick things up from a person: thoughts, emotions, images, etc. Except you can get a reading from them without actually touching them, which would be especially weird while practicing on a crowd of strangers in public.

What’s important to remember with telepathy is that patience is key. It is not going to click overnight; in fact, it may take quite a while before you effectively get the hang of it, so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t find that you are successful right away. You also may feel energetically drained after a session. Don’t draw your practice out for too long as telepathy really works out your brain and it may exhaust you. If a message isn’t going through, just plan to try it again another day. Don’t deplete your mental power. And remember: when practicing either telepathic communication or mind reading, do not look at that person’s face directly (if possible), as facial features and movements may cloud your judgement, mental focus, and force the reading or interpretation. Try to do it as best as possible using only your mind, so if you get it right, you can be sure it was telepathy, and there was no bias involved.

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