Why Are People So Dismissive Of Their Psychic Abilities?


Fear of being labelled "weird": Since our culture does not often glorify or applaud higher seeing, certain people might be unable to use their talents for fear of being labelled as odd or strange. People don't really like it that others see it more clearly than they do, and they can hate someone who looks profoundly into reality and is honest about it. It can be difficult to listen to your instincts or hold true to your course when you don't have friends who share your passion.

Psychics are Sometimes Misunderstood as "Evil": Those with supernatural powers are often misunderstood as witches, evil, or engaging in the dark arts, which is not often the case. As previously said, everyone has these talents, but most people are unaware of how to recognize them for what they are, haven't seen them, or purposefully disregard them. However, some people can label these abilities as evil, prompting some people to conceal their abilities. It's important to note that these abilities aren't in any way evil; they're just a part of being human.

If a person with psychic powers is honest about their abilities or using them in front of people, they can be labelled as insane or insane. It's a shame that we live in a world that dismisses such a valuable and innate ability, but being mindful of some of the negativity associated with these abilities will help you overcome it. If you progress along the psychic journey, these judgments from others will become less important to you.

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