The Spiritual Diary is a whip that can be used to nudge the mind toward goodness and God. 

  • If you keep this journal on a daily basis, you will find comfort and peace of mind, as well as make rapid strides on the spiritual journey. 
  • Keep a regular journal and be amazed at the results.

Prepare a monthly declaration of daily Spiritual Diary, as seen on the opposite page, to see whether you're improving or not. 

  • If you want to achieve spiritual goals quickly, keep track of it in your diary. 
  • Sadhana is needed to alter the worldly existence. 

In addition to these questions, you must have the following in the remarks section:

1. The Asanas' formal name.

2. The kind of meditation that is used.

3. Do you have any Svadhyaya books?

4. Do you have a special diet?

5. Do you have a Japa Mala in your possession?

6. Do you have a dedicated meditation space?

7. What is the best way to keep the meditation room clean?

8. Do you read the Gita in a meaningful way?


Don't be embarrassed to admit your flaws, vices, and shortcomings. 

  • This is solely for your own gain. Do not squander your valuable time. It's enough that you've squandered too many years gossiping. 
  • Enough of the difficulties you've had in pleasing your senses over the last few days. 
  • Don't say anything like, "I'll be normal from tomorrow." Tomorrow belongs to the useless, worldly-minded idiots. 
  • Be honest and begin doing Sadhana right now. Be honest in your words. 

Take a copy of your Spiritual Diary and send it to your Guru, who will direct you, eliminate all barriers in your Sadhana, and provide you with additional teachings.

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