Chair Yoga - Virabhadrasana I

Virabhadrasana I is the first pose in the Virabhadrasana series. 

  • This is a difficult position that demands both flexibility and strength. 
  • The front leg's buttock can be supported by the chair, making the stance lighter. 
  • It allows you to stay in the position for longer and focus on the rear leg. 

Variation 1: 

  • To utilize the right-hand chair: 
  • Standing in front of the chair, place your right leg beneath the backrest. 
  • Place the right buttock on the chair and bend the right leg to 900 degrees. 
  • Place a folded blanket or foam block on the seat to alter the height if necessary. 
  • Turn the leg and pelvis from left to right by lifting the right heel. 
  • To contact the seat, move the left buttock away from the tailbone and the front left groin forward. 
  • In this image, a side view of the stance performed on the left is presented. 
  • Holding the backrest helps to elevate the chest and orient it so that it is directly over the pelvis and looking forward. 
  • Lifting the chest aids in lifting the entire body from the pubic bone to the top. P
  • ushing the left heel against the wall, as demonstrated below, assists in turning the pelvis to the front and maintaining the back leg stretch. 
  • With repetition, the front groins will gradually stretch, allowing this challenging move to be performed. 

Variation 2: 

The chair is just needed to support the hands in this variation: 

  • Placing the chair in front of you with the backrest facing you is a good idea. 
  • Hold the backrest while bending into the posture. 
  • Place the heel on the wall to assist turn the left leg in more. 
  • Holding the chair helps to elevate and turn the chest as well as roll the shoulders back, bringing us closer to the ultimate posture.

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