Hinduism - Where Is Brindavan?


(“tulsi forest”) A small village in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura area, where the deity Krishna is said to have spent his boyhood. 

Although every location in Brindavan is connected with Krishna's life and has temples devoted to him, the Chir Ghat is especially significant since it is where Krishna took the gopis' garments when they were bathing (snana) in the Yamuna River. 

(The gopis were female cowherds who were Krishna's friends when he was younger.) 

The Gobind Deo Mandir, which was constructed in 1590 and features a vaulted roof, is an important architectural site. 

This temple is particularly noteworthy for its lack of external decoration, which may have been done to avoid offending the neighboring Moghuls. 

See John Stratton Hawley's 1981 book, At Play with Krishna, for an account of the holy life at Brindavan. 

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