Hinduism - Where Is Karnataka In India?


Karnataka is one of four southern Indian states whose residents speak a Dravidian language, in this instance Kannada.

Karnataka is one of the "linguistic" states created following India's independence in 1947, with the goal of uniting people who speak the same language and have a same culture under one state government.

The previous kingdom of Mysore was primarily responsible for the formation of the state.

Karnataka was the center of prominent Hindu kingdoms in medieval periods, notably the Hoysala and Vijayanagar empires, who created towns such as Belur, Halebid, and Hampi, which are today notable archeological sites.

The Lingayats, Shiva worshipers (bhakta), live in Karnataka, and their missionary efforts finally pushed away the large Jain community.

However, Jain monuments such as the huge monolith at Shravanabelgola still survive.

Shrirangapatnam and Shringeri Math are two significant Hindu holy locations in Karnataka.

Despite the fact that majority of the state's economy is still based on agriculture, Bangalore, the state's capital, is a global hub for computer software development.

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