Pinda And Pindadan


"Pinda" means "lump" in Hindi.

One of the essential things used in ceremonies for the deceased is a ball of cooked rice or other grain.

Each day for the first 10 days following death, a pinda is presented to the departed spirit in the idea that the ten pindas would gradually help develop a new body for the deceased person (a secondary meaning of the term pinda is "body").

Pindas are also utilized in the shraddha memorial ceremony, which may be done years after the death of the actor; in this rite, the performer feeds pindas to his or her ancestors as symbolic food.

Pindadan ("handing out pindas"): In common use, a synonym for the shraddha memorial ritual.

It was given this name because one of the most significant aspects of shraddha is the giving of pindas, which are roasted grain balls that are regarded symbolic food for the ancestors.