Hinduism - What Is The Yajur Veda?


The Yajur Veda is a Hindu scripture.

The third of the four Vedas, according to tradition.

The Yajur Veda, like the Rg Veda and the Sama Veda, was linked with sacrificial rites, and the book itself is mostly composed of mantras to be recited while the sacrifice was being performed.

There are five primary recensions of the Yajur Veda, four of which are "black" and one of which is "white." Their variances are due to the placement of explanatory notes on the mantras and the significance of these annotations: The annotations are included in the text of the Black Yajur Veda recensions, but the White Yajur Veda collects them in an appendix known as a Brahmana—specifically, the Shatapatha Brahmana—and this Brahmana literature forms the next major layer of Vedic texts.

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