Video of the ISS Crossing in Front of the Moon

       Israel-based astrophotographer Gadi Eidelheit recently managed to capture the International Space Station crossing the moon on camera. In the video above, we see how fast the ISS appears to travel when seen by an observer here on Earth (it spends less than 1 second in front of the moon).

"The International Space Station (ISS) crosses the moon! It required some setup and find the exact location as even one kilometer difference in the location will change the pass position.

Please read my full article with moe explanations and details

I used two cameras, the first clip is from a Canon 700d with Simga 18-250 at max zoom and the closeup is with Canon SX50 at max zoom (1200mm equiv).

I was not sure that I actually got it or that the ISS really passed the moon, and even when I looked at the small camera screen just after taking the photo I was not sure if it is good. Only at home on a regular screen I was very happy that I manage to take the video.
Hope you will like it."