Calming, Stress Relief, and Mental Clarity are some of the benefits.

By causing tiny sensations in your brain and relaxing your muscles, Buzzing Bee Breath has a special way of stimulating the body and mind.

If you have trouble stopping your mind from racing, this is the exercise for you.

1. Start by setting a timer for 5 minutes.

2. Close your eyes and relax your body in a relaxed sitting position with your spine erect.

3. Press the tragi (small triangular flaps in front of the ear canals) inward with the index fingers to obstruct the ear canals. (Avoid deliberately inserting your fingertips into the ear canals.)

4. Take a deep breath in from both nostrils gently and fully.

5. Begin to hum loudly as you exhale, rubbing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Go humming until you're out of breath.

6. and 7. Humming can be done in two ways: as a “mmm” sound or as a “nnn” sound. To hum with this technique, make a nasally "nnn" sound (as in Nancy's name). This would increase the vibration in the brain's center.

Without pausing, repeat steps 4 and 5 for 2 to 3 minutes.

Stop singing and relax your arms so they can settle comfortably on your feet.

8. Remain focused inward with your breath still before you have the need to return.

Keep a journal of your experience, recording any unusual feelings, development, or obstacles.

TIP: You will want to increase the volume on your timer because you'll be making noise.




Take a long deep abdominal breath, raise the tongue and push on the rough palate in Khechari Mudra, hold the breath in, blow the cheek for improved echo, cover both ears with thumbs of both hands simultaneously covering the ears, and softly close both eyes with index finger.

The tip of your index finger should sit on the inside of your nose's lateral wall. Both middle fingers are placed on the base of the nose's ala. Both sides of the mouth are closed, the upper lip by the ring fingers and the lower lip by the little fingers.

Between both brows, both eyes are centered in Shambhavi drishti at the Ajna Chakra. A continuous rhythmic, unbroken specific frequency sound is produced (mouth closed, jaw relaxed). DwarikaDhish is the center of spiritual concentration (Deity).

When the humming order is released, the whole body is charged, and you are energized. Visualize the force and sense it. Keep your breath out until you've fully exhaled; Vahya Kumbhak is enforced, and your divine attention is on Lord Shiva (Deity).

Continue to catch your breath as long as possible while telling your brain that your whole body is revitalizing. I am calm, safe, and satisfied, and I am experiencing increased energy as a result of my satisfaction and wellbeing.

The workout should be done while seated quietly in a quiet environment with your eyes closed with a grin on your face. A high pitch tone produces stronger effects. To achieve the best results, the whole body, mind, and spirit should be calm, with the eyes softly closed.

Visualize a dim dusty brown light at the solar plexuses (Ajna Chakra) that matches the color of the pineal gland. Hold your breath out for as long as you can after completing the bhramari. This optimizes CO2 levels in the blood, tissues, and cells, resulting in an increase in HCO3 anion, which leads to apoptosis and revitalization.




The suggested theory is based on the physiological principles of Nitric Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, and Body pH. The release of feel-good hormones is lowered by giving an order and visualising it in a calm mode (alpha brain wave state). It improves immune function, physiological regeneration, and overall well-being.


Dietary alkalinity

  • The immune system is boosted by eating honey, dates, pine apple juice, sprouts, and raw leafy green vegetables.
  • Foods that boost Nitric Oxide output (rich in dietary nitrates, which body can convert to nitric oxide).
  • Beets, for starters. Garlic is number two. Meat is third. Dark chocolate is number four. Leafy Greens are number five on the list. Citrus fruits are number six on the list. Pomegranate is number seven. Nuts and seeds are number eight on the list. Watermelon is number nine. And ten is red wine.
  • In certain cases, adding beet root to non-diabetics' diets and neem to diabetics' diets may be considered. Rock salt and relaxing therapies should be used to complement antihypertensive medications in all patients.
  • Herbs that battle viruses If the project allows, ginger, liquorice, and cinnamon garlic can be added. 
  • The composition of coronavirus is made up of RNA-based proteins with amino (–NH2) and carboxyl (–COOH) groups, as well as nucleocapsid protein (N-Protein) and spike protein (S-Protein). Coronaviruses impact the gastrointestinal tract and cause damage to other organs. 
  • Plant extracts containing the hydroxyl group (–OH) have been found to chemically deactivate the virus's active portion through the esterification method. In holistic management, licorice (Glycerrhiza globra) can be used as a supplement.
  • Ginger Zingiber Officinale includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant gingerols, paradols, sesquiterpenes, and shogaols, which have been shown to be effective against human respiratory syncytial virus (CHRVS). 
  • As a result, ginger as a medicinal food may be thought of as a way to boost one's immune system. Vitamin D deficiency should be tested and corrected in all patients.

Coronavirus (2019-Cov) infection Covid-19 is an extremely infectious infection caused by a single-stranded RNA virus (+ssRNA) with nucleocapsid that has caused more than 3.6 million morbidity and 0.25 million deaths worldwide. Coronavirus (2019-Cov) infection Covid-19 has a crown-like appearance due to the presence of spikes glycoprotein on the envelope. There is no cent percent efficacy medication or cure available at this time, and even the etiopathology is still under investigation. 

Upper respiratory signs lead to diffuse viral pneumonia and multiple organ failure affecting the kidney, liver, and heart, as well as coagulopathies. The reported fatality rate is about 32.0 per million, with ICU patient mortality reaching up to 63 percent. 

The role of nitric oxide in the control of the SARS-CoV pandemic in 2004 is well documented. Pulmonary hypertension was reversed by nitric oxide (NO). Extreme hypoxia was improved, and the time spent in the ICU and on ventilator support was reduced. The survival rate was improved by using nitric oxide. Since the genetic makeup of Corona Virus (SARS-CoV) is almost identical to that of Covid-19, there is a strong probability that Nitric Oxide, in combination with other methods, would be useful in treating Covid-19.

Nitric oxide, as previously said, inhibits viral protein and RNA. 

  • Nitric Oxide Synthase has been shown to reduce the yield of progeny virus by 82 percent, reducing corona virus replication through its antiviral effect.
  • Inhaled nitric oxide can also increase ciliary motility. In newborns with chronic pulmonary hypertension, NO treatment has been accepted in clinical trials.
  • Serendipity tests have shown that humming significantly enhances NO speech. As a result of the oscillating sound wave impacting air exchange in the sinus, this occurs. The gas exchanges in the sinuses by humming with every exhalation, while quiet breathing takes 5 to 30 minutes to swap the air in the sinuses. We may infer that NO enhances pulmonary vascular resistance by acting as an aaerocrine hormone.
  • Nitric oxide is a gas molecule that has become an extremely valuable biophysical molecule. It's a crucial biological messenger that plays a part in a variety of biological processes at the cellular level. 
  • Nitric oxide, also known as endothelium-derived relaxing agent, is produced endogenously from L-arginine, a semi-essential amino acid, molecular oxygen, and a variety of nitric oxide synthase enzymes. 
  • Nitric oxide is anti-inflammatory and helps the body fight infection by contributing to nonspecific host defense against bacterial, infectious, fungal, and parasitic infections. 
  • Nitric oxide increases oxygen absorption and relieves bronchial asthma by improving the ventilation–perfusion ratio in the lungs and relaxing the smooth muscles of the bronchial tree.
  • Nitric oxide output is increased by humming. Humming, according to Eby, is an acoustic cleanser that cures respiratory tract infections. The critical power is also increased by humming exercise. Humming is thought to increase endogenous nitric oxide production by a factor of 15 as opposed to quiet exhalation. Hypoxia causes blood coagulation in the ARD Syndrome due to a decrease in body defense anticoagulatory and fibrolytic properties, as well as metabolic acidosis. Hypercoagulation does not occur in a hypoxic hypercapnic state. By lowering the pH to 6.8, metabolic acidosis/acidic pH increases clot production by 168 percent, aggravating coagulopathies further.

Bhramari pranayama avoids coagulopathies and morbidity caused by Covid-19 by increasing Nitric Oxide expression and increasing carbon dioxide by prolonged exhalation and alkaline pH.


NOTE: The above article is for educational and informational purposes only and at no time serves as medical advice. Please read the complete MEDICAL DISCLAIMER HERE.