With the breath, the influence of a mudra can be greatly amplified. This is why it is important to understand what breathing entails. When you grasp the following rules, you'll be able to tailor the effect of a mudra to your specific needs. 

• Maintain a symmetrical stance by keeping your arms about an inch from your torso. Since it controls the function of the nervous system and hormonal glands, this role alone gives a feeling of inner balance and peace.

 • When we exhale deeply, we release not only carbon dioxide but also spent energy on a subtle basis. This is why, at the start of a mudra, you can exhale deeply many times. Make room for what you intend to do.

 • Always add a few seconds to the little delay after inhaling and exhaling. The most crucial part of the breathing mechanism is this. On any step, the inner forces are formed during the pauses. 

 • Slow your breathing while you do a mudra to relax yourself.

 • Intensify your breathing after doing a mudra to reset yourself. 

 • When the breath is steady, deep, rhythmic, fluid, and perfect, it is of the highest standard. Exhale rapidly several times at the start of a mudra meditation, then allow the breath to become deeper and slower. 

There are now three options available to you: 

  1. Concentrate on the palms and toes, noticing the soft pressure when they touch; 
  2. Press the fingertips together a little harder when inhaling and release the pressure while exhaling; 
  3. Reverse the process and add a little more pressure when exhaling and release the pressure while inhaling. Each variance has its own distinct influence. 

The first variance centers, establishes inner equilibrium, and increases overall power. The second variant reinforces and refreshes the willpower. 

The third variant is soothing and relaxing. Try out these different combinations and notice the difference for yourself! It's true that you won't notice the impact right away, but it's already there. 

The outside situations of our lives typically take shape in accordance with our imagination and mental contents. 

As a result, we have the ability to form our inner images in such a way that we love life, achieve satisfaction at work, and have caring and understanding relationships. To go along with our self-made pictures, it's critical to cultivate an unwavering confidence and be filled with both fervor and serenity. 

We need to build small victories for ourselves, and what works on a small scale will probably work on a larger scale. 

This trust can be built and developed over time. Imagine what would happen if a large number of people imagined a perfect world with abundant flora, satisfied animals, and joyful people all at the same time, and strongly believed that this was real. 

If you join in, there will be two of us! It will already be the start of a new order of existence if we can simply articulate what we don't want and definitively formulate our wants and desires. I've been working with affirmations for a long time—often more, sometimes fewer. Their incredible effects have astounded me time and time again. 

My kitten, for example, vanished one day. "With spiritual strength and force, I find my kitten again," I repeated over and over during the day. I simply realized where my kitten was as the evening progressed. 

When I told her that my cat was in her garage, she was taken aback, but it was real. It's so easy that some people think it's a little naïve. However, the most powerful force is normally seen in items that are especially plain and innocent. 

Affirmations and visualizations both follow the same idea. Say them with confidence, fervor, and calm. 

You should repeat them up to three times before, after, or after your meditation. You should even take a break through the day to say the affirmation out loud or quietly. 

Take this great opportunity to persuade yourself to do what you truly want—what is best for you. A negation may also be useful for getting rid of the stubborn. Start by saying it out loud while actively exhaling. "This hate (or anger, remorse, pain, terror, compulsion to smoke, etc.) will suddenly vanish and erase itself," for example.

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