Calming, Stress Relief, Restoration, and Improved Digestion are some of the benefits.

Using Makarasana, or Calm Crocodile pose, this practice amplifies the restorative effects of Diaphragmatic Breathing. Breathing into your belly button when lying down on your stomach strengthens your bond to your relaxing and grounded nervous system. If you're feeling panicked, stressed, or impatient, this approach is ideal.

1. Set a 10-minute timer for yourself.

2. Place a yoga mat on the floor and lie face down with your arms folded under your brow. Set your knees a few inches ahead of your shoulders so that your chest raises slightly off the ground. With your hips externally rotated and open to the floor, spread your feet as wide as your yoga mat and allow the inside arches to rest on the ground.

3. Close your eyes and calm your back, imagining your stomach lying on the ground. Soften some clenching, squeezing, or holding in your abdominal and pelvic muscles.

4. Observe your normal breath for 2 minutes without straining.

5. Begin to ease your breath as it moves down towards your abdomen. Breathing this way may seem counterintuitive at first because the belly is resting against the ground. It's fine to make a little attempt to get the breath there. Chest and rib cage mobility should be restricted. Continue to breathe and hold your breath in your abdomen for 5 minutes.

6. When you get yourself together, take a deeper, fuller breath and make small motions with your legs and feet. To counterpose, roll over onto your back and hug your legs against your chest for a few breaths. 7. 7. When you're ready, calm down and notice how the exercise has affected your mind, energy, and body.

8. Keep a journal of your experience, recording any strange feelings, development, or obstacles.

TIPS: If keeping your elbows down and your chest lifted feels like too much work or is sore, pull a blanket up and slip it underneath your chest for support. You should also rest a towel on the backs of your hands or wrists if your forehead is uncomfortable.