A person's desire for an object is fueled by passion. He is enamored of things and has a strong desire for them. These two influences need to get out of you. 

The Niranjana or the Stainless are the ones to look for.

All that one believes is beneficial to themselves should be abandoned.

Manas (MIND) should be held in the midst of Shakti, and Shakti should be kept in the midst of Manas. 

He can investigate Manas by Manas. He then departs from even the highest level.

Manas is the only Bindu. It is the reason for development and survival.

Bindu can only be made from Manas, just like curd from milk. 

Manas has a different organ from the one in the centre of Bandhana. 

Where Shakti is between the Sun and the Moon is where Bandhana is found.