The Atman, like a light in a jar, is contained inside the body—or so one can believe.

Atman is around the size of a palm. It's a light that doesn't emit any smoke. It doesn't have any shape. It shines from inside the body. It is indestructible and eternal.

The gross, subtle, and Karana bodies of man are the first three facets of consciousness. The universe's three bodies are represented by the second three dimensions of consciousness.

Man is and appears as an egg in his creation, much as the world is and appears as an egg.

Maya deludes the Vijnana Atma, which resides in this body, during the stages of awakening, dreaming, and dreamless sleep.

However, due to the effect of good Karma, it wishes to achieve its own essential state after many births.

The investigation begins. Who am I, exactly? How did I end up with this smear of mundane existence? What happens to me, who am in company in both waking and dreaming conditions, during the dreamless sleep?

Non-wisdom is the source of the Chidabhasa. It is consumed by wise thoughts in the same way as a bale of cotton is consumed by heat, as well as by its own supreme light.

The outer body's fire isn't even a burning at all.

Pratyagatma can be used in the Dahara (Akasa or the ether of the heart). When earthly knowledge is defeated, it obtains Vijnana and disseminates itself throughout the universe, instantly burning the two sheaths, Vijnanamaya and Manomaya. Then there's He, who shines brightly from inside at all times. It gleams as though it were a light inside a vessel.

The Muni who contemplates this before sleep and death should be known as a Jivanmukta.

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