Mantra has an influence on Kundalini awakening as well. Bhakti Yoga is a part of it.

Some aspirants should recite their Guru's Mantra tens of thousands of times. 

The Guru utters a specific Mantra during the Diksha of an Uttama Adhikari, and Kundalini is automatically awakened. 

The student's awareness is lifted to a very high level. This is dependent on the student's belief in his Guru and the Mantra. 

Mantras are extremely effective when obtained directly from the Guru. 

Only after receiving a proper Mantra from a Guru can aspirants in Kundalini Yoga begin this Mantra Sadhana. 

As a result, I will not go into great depth on this topic. Mantras can't help you whether you hear them from everyday people or from books. There are several different Mantras, and the Guru should choose one that will awaken the consciousness of a specific student.

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