Sit in the Siddhasana position. 

Close your ears with your fingertips, your eyes with your index fingers, your nostrils with your middle fingers, your upper lips with your ring fingers, and your lower lips with your little fingers.

This is a lovely way to do Japa. 

Deepen the meditation and focus on the Shat Chakras and Kundalini.

This, like other Mudras, is not for all. In order to succeed in this, you would have to put in a lot of effort.

If you want to be effective in Brahmacharya, you must be well-established. Even Devas find it difficult to attain “Devanamapi durlabha.” 

As a result, understand the significance of this Mudra and use it with caution. Yoni Mudra is another name for Vajroli Mudra.

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