With Plavini Pranayama and this Asana, one can comfortably float on water. Matsyasana, or fish pose, is the name given to it. 

Spread a towel on the floor and lie in Padmasana with the right foot over the left. The left leg, as well as the left thigh above the right thigh Then, on your stomach, lie flat. Keep your chin between your two elbows. 

Stretch your shoulders out until the top of your head is squarely on the ground on one side and just your buttocks on the other, forming a bridge or an arch of the trunk. 

Put your palms on your thighs or capture your toes with your hands. You'll need to twist your back quite a little. 

This form is more effective than the previous one. The advantages you get from this variety are a hundred times more than those you get from the previous one.

Many that have thick calves and find it difficult to sit in Padmasana (foot-lock) should easily sit normally and then do this Asana. Next, do Padmasana. Make it firm, easy, and consistent. Then go to Matsyasana. Start by doing this Asana for 10 seconds and gradually rise to 10 minutes.

When the Asana is completed, gently release the head with the assistance of your hands and stand up. Then release Padmasana.

This asana should be done right after Sarvangasana. It will alleviate neck pain and all crampy conditions in the cervical area exacerbated by prolonged Sarvangasana practice. 

This provides the congested areas of the neck and shoulders a natural massage or shampooing. It also allows you to get the most out of Sarvangasana. It is a beneficial variation in Sarvangasana.

Rather, it serves as a complement to Sarvangasana. This Asana promotes deep breathing by widening the larynx (wind-box) and trachea (wind-pipe).

Matsyasana is a powerful antidote to a variety of ailments. Constipation is relieved. It pushes the concentrated feacal matter down to the rectum. Because of the deep breathing, it is beneficial in hypertension, consumption, chronic bronchitis, and other conditions.

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