Students must be skilled in order to practice this Pranayama. Mr. ‘S,' a Yogic practitioner, will float on water for twelve hours straight if he practices this Plavini. 

For a few days, a person who practices this Plavini Kumbhaka will survive on air and without food. The student inhales air slowly, as if it were water, and sends it to his stomach. 

The chest becomes a little swollen. When you rub the stomach while it's full of air, you'll hear a strange tympanic (air) sound. 

It is best to practice gradually. It is important to enlist the assistance of someone who is well-versed in this Pranayama. 

By gradually belching, the student will fill his stomach with air. The air should be totally removed after the drill. Uddiyana Bandha and hiccough are responsible for this.

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