Place yourself in your normal Asana. Keep your mouth shut. Slowly inhale from both nostrils in a steady, even motion.

Hold your breath for as long as you can safely do so, and gently exhale from your left nostril while covering your right nostril with your right thumb. When you inhale, expand your chest.

Due to the partial closure of the glottis during inhalation, a strange sound is made. During inhalation, the sound should be soft and consistent in tone. It should also be constant.

Both when walking or standing, this Kumbhaka may be practiced. Instead of exhaling from the left nostril, gently breathe out of both nostrils.

The heat in the brain is removed as a result of this. The practitioner transforms into a stunning woman. The amount of gastric fire has been raised. It clears the mouth of phlegm. Asthma, consumption, and a variety of other respiratory illnesses will all be cured. Both conditions caused by a lack of oxygen inhalation, as well as heart diseases, are healed. 

Ujjayi Pranayama is responsible for the completion of all tasks. Diseases of the phlegm, nerves, enlargement of the spleen, dyspepsia, dysentery, consumption, cough, or fever seldom affect the physician. Ujjayi is a technique for destroying decay and death.

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