The Kundalini then travels to the Sahasrara's seat. It renounces the Prakriti's eight forms: earth, water, fire, air, ether, consciousness, intelligence, and egoism.

The Kundalini goes to Siva after clasping the eye, the mind, the Prana, and the others in her embrace, and after clasping Siva as well, dissolves herself in the Sahasrara.

As a result, Rajas-Sukla, or the rising seminal fluid, travels to Siva with Marut, or Vayu. Prana and Apana, which are constantly made, are equalized.

Prana, like fire in gold, runs through everything, big and small, describable and indescribable. The breath decomposes as well.

The Prana and the Apana, which were born together with the same quality, both dissolve in the presence of Siva in the Sahasrara. They no longer go up or down until they've hit equilibrium.

The Yogi thrives with the Prana spreading outward in the form of attenuated elements or in the sheer memory of it, the mind reduced to faint memories and voice reduced to recollection.

All of his vital airs then scatter outright in his flesh, like gold in a crucible set on fire.