The Kundalini Sakti is a cord that runs across the Lotus. It is magnificent. It is chewing the root of the Lotus, the Mulakanda or Muladhara, with its mouth, the upper end of its body.

It is in touch with Sushumna's Brahmanadi hole, grabbing its tail with its mouth.

The Agni comes to the Svadhishthana burning, owing to the blowing of Vayu, if a person who has acquainted himself to the contraction of his anus (Mula Bandha) lets the Vayu go upwards with the mind intent on Kumbhaka while seated in Padmasana.

Kundalini pierces the Brahmagranthi with the blowing of Vayu and Agni. The Vishnugranthi is then pierced open.

The Kundalini then penetrates the Rudragranthi. Following that, it pierces the six lotuses or plexuses. The Kundalini Sakti is then content in Sahasradala Kamala, the thousand-petaled lotus, with Siva. The highest Avastha, or state, should be recognized as this. This is the only source of ultimate happiness.