Reiki ~ Positive Energy vs. Negative Energy

What causes our chakras to be out of whack? 

The solution is straightforward: negative electricity.

The world is brimming with both positive and negative energies. The universe's energy floods through us. The positive energy runs freely into us, but the negative energy does not. If we do not know how to release it correctly, it is more likely to get trapped inside of us. As negative energy accumulates, the normal flow of positive energy is disrupted, and our chakras become blocked.

There are several distinctions between positive and negative energies.

The biggest distinction between the two, though, is how each reaches our bodies. The world is once again brimming with electricity, but our bodies are unable to let it in. We should not voluntarily allow negative energies to enter our bodies. In such events, negative energy forces its way into our bodies.

Traumatic events, physical pain, and behavioral struggles attract negative energies. Pressure, whether physical or mental, allows harmful energies to enter our bodies. Bad energy includes stress, anxiety, self-doubt, hate, rage, sadness, addiction, loathing, and envy. These are the factors that invite toxic energy into our bodies, because if we don't have the resources or skills to properly expel it, the negative energy gets trapped within our energy reservoirs.

We don't all have the power to release negative energies from our bodies in the same way. Traumatic life experiences are tough to deal with and much more difficult to let go of. Even anything as minor as your parents yelling at you for dropping a dish will send negative energy through your body.

We didn't know how to better grasp and expel emotional energy when we were children. It's likely the harmful energy is already present inside of you. This is how quickly negative energies can obstruct our chakras. The more it builds up, the more harmful it will be to your body and the more difficult it will be to get rid of it.

Despite the fact that this information can appear daunting and bleak, there is always cause to be hopeful. We are both born with the capacity to absorb positive energies from the universe and to return positive energy to it. We need to learn how to recognize, understand, and release negative energy. The first step is always to identify the negative force. You're also on your way to understanding how to unleash toxic energy and unblock your chakras so that you understand what it is and where it comes from. When you learn to expel negative energy inside yourself and your chakras are aligned, you will see that negative energy will find it more difficult to reach your body than before.

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