Siddhasana is the next most important asana after Padmasana. For Dhyana reasons, some consider this Asana to be much better than Padmasana. 

If you master this asana, you will gain a lot of Siddhis. It was also practiced by many Siddhas in the past. As a result, the term Siddhasana was coined.

And obese people with large thighs will comfortably do this Asana. In reality, for certain people, this is preferable to Padmasana. 

This Asana should be practiced by young Brahmacharins who are attempting to create celibacy. This asana is not recommended for women.

One heel should be placed at the anus. Keep the other heel on the generative organ's root. The ankle-joints should meet each other whether the foot or legs are properly arranged. Hands may be positioned similarly to Padmasana.

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