Padmasana or Siddhasana is a good place to start. Close your eyes for a moment. Using your right ring and tiny fingertips, cover the left nostril. Slowly inhale from the right nostril as long as you can safely do so without making a whistle. 

Then, using your right thumb, close the right nostril and hold your breath by rubbing your chin against your stomach (Jalandhara Bandha). 

Hold the breath until perspiration oozes from the hair roots (hair follicles). This is a point that cannot be reached right away. 

You'll have to progressively increase the period of Kumbhaka. Suryabheda Kumbhaka's domain of practice ends at this stage. Jalandhara Bandha should be published. Then exhale steadily and silently from the left nostril while covering the right nostril with your fist.

Bodhayet kundalim saktim dehagnim cha vivardhayet, Kumbhakah suryabhedastu jara-mrityu-vinasakah, Kumbhakah suryabhedastu jara-mrityu-vinasakah, Kumbhakah suryabhedastu jara-mrityu-vinasakah

“Suryabheda Kumbhaka destroys rot and death thus reawakening Kundalini.”

This Pranayama can be repeated many times for it cleanses the brain and kills intestinal worms. It heals Vata and eliminates the four types of evils caused by Vayu (rheumatism). It treats rhinitis and a variety of neuralgias. In addition, worms found in the frontal sinuses are killed.

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